Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where do i find the serial number on an older model minn kota trolling motor?

i broke the prop and can,t find another one to match.|||you might not find it.

i've got a minn kota from sometime in the mid 80's, 565 something model. it says that right on the top of it, and its badly faded. i can barely make out the writing at all.

original prop on it has a LARGE hub to cover the longer prop shaft it has compared to the new models.

we were moving the covered boat just a couple inches by hand, and my old man tried pushing on the covered prop blade, snapping it.

we did find that the new style props, the mk-6 prop to be specific, did have the same diameter for the prop shaft and did have the same key setup to lock it with the spinning shaft, and did work as a replacement.

there is that gap between the prop and the motors head, and i'm probably getting extra drag and losing a couple lbs of thrust. but under $20 for a new "kinda fits, and does work" prop or a whole new trolling motor seemed to be my options......

since i was shopping for a new outboard at the same time, under $20 fit my budget well at the time.

i'd just go by someplace like westmarine with the old prop, and perferably the trolling motor, and ask for help finding something that will work even if its not a perfect match. if your really lucky, they will actually have a few props in stock and let you test fit them.

the one i went to was a small one compared to most i've went too, none in stock but found one of the right diameter for it in their catalogs and ordered it for me.

or plan on full replacement......

i'll replace mine in a year or two (probably with one that can use the same prop), but as much because of the main shaft length is a bit short. if the weight in the boat isnt by the trolling motor the prop isnt fully in the water. and on a rough day, it can lift out in the waves.

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