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Trolling battery for inflatable boat?

I have an inflatable boat, Seahawk II, with a 30lb thrust Minn Kota and am trying to select the best option that makes good economic sense. I bought the boat setup to be portable and cheap and now it is down to the battery, It looks like about 100+ amp/hrs would be good to me.

It seems the wet cell (lead acids) are the cheapest, I figure if I put it in a battery case it will run me about $145 and should be safe if I am careful.

The AGM battery seems to offer benefits of fully enclosed (no acid spills on an inflatable sounds good) and if I bring it towards a zero charge it can handle the abuse better than wet cell. However the battery alone seems to be over $200.

What details am I missing? Can someone with marine battery knowledge give me advice for this situation?Trolling battery for inflatable boat?
Use a wet cell no real problems. You MUST get a deep discharge batt or it will be ruined after a few uses, or get a good guaranteed, say its in your car(only) and exchange it often.Trolling battery for inflatable boat?
For your situation I'd go with the GelCell battery. It's safer for you. You'll never need to worry whether it tipped over, upside down or any way. This is a problem that happens with inflatables. Batteries get tossed around a bit since they sit freely. AGM's are a good secondary choice. Yes, they cost more, but you're buying safety and not just a battery too.Trolling battery for inflatable boat?

Required reading for 12 volt batteries Shows the difference between a deep cycle and a marine, and how these are commonly confused and/or linked together鈥?/a>

Here is a link to a previous post;鈥?/a>

As you can see, there is some debate on charging. there really shouldn't be. most posters apparently have never seen a hydrometer鈥?/a>

Here is how to use one鈥?/a>

Here is the difference between wet cell batteries鈥?/a> Starting, Marine, and Deep-Cycle Batteries

now you might have a better idea what to buy. Get the best you can afford. I suggest a true deep cycle battery, but the smallest group possible. I'm assuming you have a transom of some sort for your motor, and 8 ft is good size, possible a sit on top? Neat. If you have to make a battery holder, be mindful of the exposed terminals.

The reason that I gave you all of this information is to help you make the best choice for your hard earned money. also, with proper maintenence you can get the most out of the least amount of money and weight.
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  • Do I need a rheostat or "POT" and which one?

    I have a busted minn kota e-drive on a 2003 escape cruz electric deck boat. This is a 48 volt trolling motor rated a 2hp not sure how many amps it draws. The lower unit is working as I have hooked it up directly to a battery. And the electronic control cable works as I have found continuity on all 11 pins. I want to eliminate the mother board and electronic throttle control and replace it with a rheostat or pot for speed control. I think the mother board might be the problem but there is no way for me to test it as it has that hard black silicone. The only other component I have not tested because of lack of know how is a 4 terminal solenoid that seems to be connected for the key ignition. Please any ideas to get this running again will be appreciated. I am also able to email pics if needed. ThanksDo I need a rheostat or "POT" and which one?
    It would be a rheostat but it would be large, difficult to buy and very wasteful of energy. It seems likely the speed controller but may not be expensive. I would recommend contacting the supplier and their service for a quote. As you say it cannot be fixed readily, it is a replacement part, just like it would be for a car. Don't try to diagnose it for them, it may end up misleading.

    Electric trolling motors vs. gas trolling motor?

    I have a canoe with a square stern.鈥?/a>

    I was considering a 4 hp Tohatsu/Nissan, Yamaha, Suzuki or maybe a 5 hp Honda or Tohatsu/Nissan. My dealer says in all cases, the 4 or 5 hp motors will not be able to break the hull speed barrier. The 40 or 50 lb thrust Minn Kota should be able to match the performance of the 4 hp gas engines. Is this true. Thanks.Electric trolling motors vs. gas trolling motor?
    they will perform close to each other the 4 hp gas outboards might have a little more power than a 50 ft pound trolling motor. the weight of the battiers will make up for the weight of the outboard so its up to you. do you want gas or electric? remember the battiers take up extra room how much room do you have?

    Please help me choose between 46lb thrust and 55lb thrust trolling motor?

    I want to install a trolling motor for my 10' fishing boat weight at about 70lb. My choices are Minn Kota Endura 46 ($230-$50 rebate) and 55 ($250-$60 rebate). The price gap is so small that the 55 model is very attractive. But it may drain battery power a lot faster than the 46 model. Does it worth to buy a 55 model? And if I use low speed setting, can I extend the running time? Thanks!Please help me choose between 46lb thrust and 55lb thrust trolling motor?
    The 46 lb. will be more then you will ever need on the boat I'm using a 41 lb thrust trolling motor on my 16 foot boat with a 60 horse power motor on it and it is more then enough for it. Be sure that if you get the 55 lb thrust it is not a 24 volt model or you will need to buy two batteries for it . to answer the last question the battery drain will be minimum on the low setting.
    To figure out how long a battery will last,do the following.

    First you want a marine deep cycle battery. Marine deep cycle batteries are rated by AmpHours. Find the Amps of the two motors you mentioned, then by dividing the Amp Hours of the battery by the Amps of the motor, you will find how long the battery should last.IE: 200 Amp Hour Battery/ 34 Amp Motor = 5.88 Hours

    You may find that the 55 uses the same Amperage or you may need just a slightly bigger battery for the 55 to get the same hours.

    Remember use of things like power trim and lift and steering, all effect the life of the battery too. And yes slower speeds will extend the battery some. The amp rating on the motor is amps at full power under normal running conditions.Please help me choose between 46lb thrust and 55lb thrust trolling motor?
    For $10 go for the bigger one. You never know what boat you might put it on in the future.

    Yes it will draw more power, but turned down and used intelligently it will last a long time. With no noticeable difference to the other one.
    you don't need the extra power for just a 10' boat. The 46 will be more than enough and yes the larger one will draw more juice.Please help me choose between 46lb thrust and 55lb thrust trolling motor?
    well a 46 lb thrust is plenty for your weight of boat, but the 55 is a better deal
    You don't need the extra power, and yes it draws more current.

    How can i mount my transom-mount trolling motor in the front of my boat?

    trolling motor-;ci_src=14110944%26amp;ci_sku=2132745

    boat -;stc=1%26amp;d=1202864644How can i mount my transom-mount trolling motor in the front of my boat?
    You do realize that if you put a transom mount motor on the bow of your boat the control arm will extend out forward in FRONT of the boat, right? Why would you want to do that?

    Seveylor Super Caravelle XR 116 vs. Intex Excursion 5 raft?

    The Sevylor is 12'x5'4" has an 1100 lbs capacity and weighs 39 lbs.

    The Intex is 12'x5'6" has a capacity of 880 lbs, weighs 51 lbs and the vinyl is 30 gauge thickness. The Sevylor thickness is unknown, but presumed to be similar, maybe slightly less due to 12 lbs weight difference.

    Anybody have experience with either? Probably will row 50% of the time or use our Minn Kota Endura 40 electric trolling motor mainly on lakes or rivers, generally within 500 yards of shore. Thanks.Seveylor Super Caravelle XR 116 vs. Intex Excursion 5 raft?
    I have an Intex excursion 4 and it is very heavy duty. If you are rowing and beaching it I would go with the thicker gauge vinyl, it will resist ripping better and be stronger at the oar locks, as well as the motor mount points. I have done all this with mine and have had no issues with rocky shores. Unless you need the extra capacity - short of contacting Seveylor, I would go with the one that publishers their thickness. Like you said the weight is probably the difference in thickness and the SEV probably has bigger air chambers, leading to the higher capacity, and potentially less interior space for the same size.
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  • Outboard motor weight (for max weight capacity on my boat)?

    i was wondering what a rough estimate for the weight of my 7.5 hp, 2 stroke ted williams outboard would be, im not very accurate with judging weight by hand, but maybe someone has an old catalog with more info, or maybe someone just flat out knows more than i do. i use a minn kota trolling motor with a 12V deep cycle battery to power it now, so i was wondering if the weight of the motor would be comparable to the weight of the battery, considering that the battery feels pretty heavy.Outboard motor weight (for max weight capacity on my boat)?
    Basically an Eska, as sold through Sears. Just with a signature for marketing purposes. Weight compared to a trolling motor and battery(s) probably similar, but power output much higher - don't overpower your boat!Outboard motor weight (for max weight capacity on my boat)?
    Like most older outboard engines, they are usually heavier than they look. There isn't much information on Ted Williams outboard motors, especially without knowing what year the motor was manufactured.

    If I were you I would save myself some time and frustration by simply weighing the motor, place it on a scale, then you'll know for sure. If you have a regular bathroom stand on scale try this. Stand on your scale record your weight. After that stand on your scale while holding the motor an record that weight. Do the math, you'll know how heavy you motor is.

    Best of luck to you!Outboard motor weight (for max weight capacity on my boat)?
    probably very close to the same.

    but as suggested, just whip out the bathroom scale and know EXACTLY in a few seconds.

    BTW, with roughly 100 lbs of thrust per hp, your power to weight ratio SUCKS.

    and the cost of replacement batteries every few years, the hassle of charging them (especially on longer camping trips), the limited run time of even a good new battery, the weight of them, a small outboard is so much convient, powerful and hassle free.

    merc's 2.5 hp outboard weighs 40 lbs, puts out the equilivant power of about five 50 lb thrust trolling motors, will run all day long at full throttle on a small tank of gas, that gas tank can be "recharged" just about everywhere, including at the waters edge at many places, and will last 30+ years with proper maintence.

    and only costs about twice what a good trolling motor and deep cycle battery does.
    I don't have a precise answer for that particular motor, but I have no doubt that it's at least 45 lbs and under 60, probably under 55. The deepcycle battery, depending on size, will be around 50 lbs.