Sunday, January 8, 2012

Minn Kota trolling motor problem?

I have a 24 minn kota I have load tested the batteries and they are fine but for some reason the motor will drain then in about half a day instead of running on them for almost tow days when i got it.

Somebody mentioned the armature as a possible problem can this thing be fixed or is it junk?????|||not really sure what ur saying here. if your battery's are over a year old, they will take a charge, but will drain faster then when new. make sure you have a deep cycle battery, and not a deep cycle starting battery's big difference. you should only get a few hours on a full charged battery if you run the trolling motor on higher speeds. they do have a charging system you can put on your boat, that will keep the battery's charged while not in use. call you local marina and ask them...they should help you out. good luck.

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