Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's wrong with my minn kota trolling motor?

I have an endura 40 trolling motor. Its been sitting for a year. Now it does nothing. Is there a way to bypass the switch just in case the housing has gotton wet? I want to make sure the motor still works before I purchase another switch. Please help !!!!!!!!!!!|||Unscrew the switch from the pannel and check the connections. If its doing nothing at all, most likely you aren't getting a charge to it. I'm also assuming you have checked your battery, which is likely the problem. Hook up a charger to the battery ( your trolling motor is possibly connected to a secondary battery, which explains why your enigine will start and run but your trolling moter is dead) and you should be good to go.|||check the battery,make sure its charged fully and the connections are clean than tey it

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